Cyber Tales

An Interactive Drama Day about Internet Safety & Cyber Bullying –  exploring how we can take care of ourselves & others whilst online.

‘Cyber Tales!’ uses 3 original fun & imaginative stories to teach young audiences key concepts as they begin to explore the world of the internet.

The day begins with a performance assembly for the whole school, which introduces the theme for the day and is then followed by up to five fun yet powerful workshops in the hall.

The workshops are highly interactive and challenging, using a fusion of drama games, role-play, improvisation and discussion, enabling the children to learn in a variety of ways. A great day not to be missed!

Story 1: The Power of Words

Mia finds that her words give her power – to put other people down and get her own way. But she quickly discovers that the world she creates is not a happy one…

Teaching Points: Bullying / The effect the words we speak or text can have on others

Story 2: Eva & The Dragon

Evan & Eva have been placed in charge of a beautiful garden. It’s a wonderful place to play & explore. There is just one rule they have to remember: they mustn’t let the grumpy old dragon in…

Teaching Points: Stranger Danger / Grooming

Story 3: Octoboy!

Toby Raff loves to laugh. But when a picture of him is shared online, it becomes hard to see the funny side….

Teaching Points: Thinking before we share / Understanding the impact it can have on someone

Performance Assembly & 3 x workshops (morning only): £345 Performance Assembly with up to 5 workshops (full day): £395