The Golden Rule Film Project

The Golden Rule Film Project is an action-packed, exciting opportunity for Key Stage 2 pupils to help create and star in their own short film! The film’s storyline explores why rules are important and how we can be good, positive members of our local school, the wider community and how to treat each other with respect.

As well as being a fun & exciting experience for the pupils by making and starring in their own film-  The Golden Rule Film Project is a great way to explore Citizenship, PSHE, Anti-bullying & Wellbeing.

Huge benefits for your school, your pupils & the local community…

  • Schools would have a personalized ready-made resource that you are free to use in lessons /social media/ your website, to enhance PSHE, Citizenship, Anti-bullying policies and Wellbeing Teaching. The short film would not only showcase their pupils talent but also articulate a valuable ethos encouraging positive pupil behaviour.
  • The Golden Rule Film Project gives 1 or 2 classes in each school we work with the opportunity to get involved in the film industry for a few days. Working with film industry professionals (from Peacock Productions and Rhema Theatre Company) pupils will be inspired by how creative, media and film-making skills and social media can be used to harness positive messages.
  • Through the project, children get to explore and emotionally engage with issues that arise around the roles of rules and boundaries in our communities. The children themselves will therefore become the communicators of the message: treat everyone with love and respect. They can then share this experience with their whole school, peer-to-peer.
  • Families would be invited to the ‘film premiere’ to watch their children starring in the short film. Often families need to hear these important messages too and this is an exciting and creative way to engage families to engage with some of these important issues.
  • People from the local community could also be invited to the premiere as a way of creating good community cohesion.
  • The school could choose to invite local PCSO’s to work along side pupils in this project to create positive relationships. Pupils will be able to understand the role of police and law-enforcement and see how valuable this role is in making our communities into safer places.

Prices start from £495 for an experience of film making for one class, but some packages can include a film premiere and copy of the film. Click here to get in contact and book your schools experience.

How It Works- the details.

  • The project comprises a day of workshops & rehearsals, followed by a day of filming. The film is then taken away & edited before being premiered at the school for the pupils, their friends and families.
  • Schools will simply need to chose 2 consecutive full days for pupils to be involved in this exciting project.
  • Generally, we would work with either 1 or 2 classes of 35 pupils per school. However, we would work with the school to create an experience to suit their requirements.
  • Rehearsals & workshops would take place in a large area such as the school hall. The filming would take place in various locations around the school – such as the playground, classrooms – details of which could be arranged with the individual school.

The First Day

The day would begin with a short theatrical performance of ‘The Golden Rule’ story to familiarize the children with the themes and content of the film that they will be creating. This would be followed by an interactive drama workshop, exploring the role of rules in society. (It would be beneficial if a local police officer could join us for these sessions.) The rest of the day would be spent on devising and rehearsing their performance, which would be filmed the next day. (Those who choose the 3-day option would have an additional day to rehearse & create content for the finished film). Lines would be given out for the children to learn overnight.

The Second Day

The day would begin with a refresher rehearsal time. This would be followed by pupils in small groups at a time, to film their sections of the story. The finished footage would then be taken away, to be edited together, along with some pre-filmed content. We would anticipate the finished product being approximately 10-15 minutes in length. (This may vary depending on the number of pupils involved, the amount of time available in the school, and the ages of those involved).

Showing The Film

The following week, an early evening film premier would be organised to show the finished film to the children. Friends & family would be invited as well as people from local business and the community and we would encourage as many as possible to attend. It would be great if a local police officer was able to attend this event to build relations between the police and the school community. We would also potentially invite local media (with the school’s consent). We would ideally like to make the event as special as possible in order to give the children the feel of a ‘world premier’. We would encourage everyone to dress up for the occasion. (There is also the possibility of popcorn being served and having a mini ‘awards’ ceremony). Afterwards, the school would have their own copy of the film to keep and show to the rest of the school whenever they wanted. The children would also have the opportunity to purchase their own copy of the film to keep for posterity on a USB drive.