The Golden Rule

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The Golden Rule – Treat everyone with love & respect- is a Citizenship Theatre Adventure with interactive workshops, touring to Primary Schools Summer & Autumn 2018.

This fun, exciting action-packed theatre experience explores why rules are important and how we can be good, positive members of our local school and the wider community.

The Golden Rule is an innovative way of highlighting why we have rules & laws- with live action, puppetry, music and fun! Explores many aspects of the Citizenship Curriculum and ticks those curriculum boxes.         

We have previously worked on projects with Salford Council, Crimestoppers & GM Police on the subject of organised crime.

The Golden Rule is an innovative way of highlighting some deep concepts for primary school pupils through an easy to follow story with live action, music and fun puppet characters, aimed at key stages 1&2. A jam-packed day full of drama games, discussion and moral learning!Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.40.20

Prices… £210: Assembly Theatre Show for the whole school

£295: A full morning including a show for the whole school plus up to 3 drama follow-up workshops looking more in depth into the issues

£365: A full day including show plus up to 5 workshops

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Golden Rule Lolli lady
The Golden Rule Becky falling apart!
The Golden Rule Becky & Luigi 4