Anti-bullying day curriculum links

  • Understanding and respecting differences between peopleIMG_1453
  • Celebrating that every single person is different and unique
  • Understanding the effects of bullying
  • Recognising influences both positive and negative can reflect how we behave and think
  • Resisting peer pressure
  • How to be confident in who you are
  • Using imagination to consider other people’s experiences and how to respond to themIMG_1427
  • Active participation, creativity, communication and group discussion
  • Exploration of drama techniques to communicate ideas and meaning
  • Development of practical skills and of confidence, competence, imagination and creativity

HC OLdfield Brow group photo no backgroundAnti-Bullying Week is an opportunity for teachers and pupils to highlight and explore the subject of bullying in a creative way. This activity may also be an opportunity for schools to discuss their own measures in place to combat bullying, like peer support systems, whole school and community involvement, anti-bullying policies, as well as being part of a national drive to raise awareness.