Anti-Bullying Days

Anti-Bullying FlierThe day explores how various outside influences (both positive and negative) can affect how we behave and think. It focuses on how we can resist bad pressures such as bullying and peer pressure and in turn gain empowerment and build confidence.

The day starts with an extraordinary theatrical assembly performance designed to thrill the whole school!

David is a young boy whom everyone picks on. Everyone tells him that he’ll never amount to much. But with the help of a wise old man, Samuel, he learns to listen to a different voice – and ends up being able to defeat the giant Goliath.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.05.49The performance assembly introduces the theme for the day and is then followed by up to five fun yet powerful workshops in the hall. The workshops are highly interactive and challenging using a fusion of drama games, role-play, improvisation and discussion, enabling the children to learn in a variety of ways. A great day and not to be missed! For more curriculum links and learning objectives please click here

Performance Details

Who for?                                              Groups of up to 35 pupils in Key Stage 1 or 2

Where?                                                 School hall

Length of workshops                    Yr 1 & 2- 30 minutes; Yr 3, 4, 5, 6- 40 minutes (Maximum number of workshops: 5 per day from reception up. Not suitable for nursery)

Cost?                                                      Assembly only £210 / Assembly & Half day of workshops £295 / Assembly & Full day of workshops £395

How to Book?                                   Phone: 0161 929 6384 / Email:

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