Our Vision is to make and tell stories full of life!
We’re looking for ‘Angels’!
For people to partner with us so that this exciting charity makes theatre and film that touches this generation and those to come.
Join our Angels Supporters Scheme and pay a simple regular amount (it doesn’t matter how large or small) and you’ll play a vital part in keeping this amazing organisation going.
So come and join us as we bring stories full of life to thousands of people across the country and beyond!
By joining our ‘Angel’ Supporters Scheme, you’ll be helping us to…
  • Travel to Primary schools all over the UK with stories about Christmas and Easter linking in with good RE teaching for this generation.
  • Take the shows to up to 2,500 pupils a week so that they can appreciate and learn stories from our cultural heritage and the Christian tradition as well as watching live theatre at their own school.
  • Take the message of anti-bulling and self-esteem to hundreds of children each year.
  • Partner with justice organisations to create and produce theatre and film that educates and informs with a hope to positively influence society.
  • Run Interactive Theatre Days and Holiday Clubs, allowing the children to explore and apply issues of faith and well-being.
  • Create and perform inspiring brand new works of theatre and film to positively influence culture today.
  • Keep Bible stories alive through theatre, books and film.

Simply contact us quoting ‘Angel’ with your contact details and we’ll give you a phone. Or call 0161 929 6384.

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